What is Klaytn? ​ Klaytn is built to be the fundamental trust layer for the metaverse, respecting the participation and contribution from all communities, empowering and bringing them together in the new world. 

Principle 1. High Performance 2. Scalability 3. Low Cost 4. Rapid Development 5. Enhanced User Experience 6. A Full-suite, Protocol-level Eco Fund

Throughput(TPS) and Finality – Main chain should handle at least 4,000 TPS. – Main chain should guarantee immediate transaction finality with one-second block generation time.

Scalability – Service chain is the default L2 solution for Klaytn 2.0 that is customizable and easily deployable. The service chain can have its own governance and connect to the Klaytn main chain to anchor data or transfer assets.

Low Cost – End-users should not be burdened with any higher transaction fee beyond what the traditional systems require. – Transaction fee should be stable and be determined by the transaction complexity itself, and not the surrounding factors.

Klaytn is a highly optimized, BFT-based public blockchain that aims to meet the enterprise-grade reliability.  – Immediate finality. – High TPS that meets real-world use cases. – Lower the cost of running Blockchain Applications.