What Is KLAYSwap? KLAYswap is an instant swap protocol that operates with an on-chain liquidity pool, where liquidity is guaranteed by automated market-making (AMM) mechanisms.

KlaySwap is an on-chain swap service that allows anyone that has any KLAY or KCT-type cryptocurrency to become a liquidity provider and earn income from transaction fee commissions. 1. Liquidity Providers 2. Traders

Liquidity Providers  You can provide liquidity by matching KLAY-KCT pairs with the token contracts created in KLAYswap's Pool Menu. If providing liquidity, you will receive a Liquidity Provider (LP) token as a supply certificate.

Traders Tokens listed in the protocol can be traded with KLAY or KCT within the scope of the respective pool. The transaction price is based on the existent number of pairs of the respective tokens. 

KLAYswap Advantages KLAYswap has the advantages of reliability, sustainability, and scalability.

Reliability KLAYswap is having a security audit conducted by Certik, a globally renowned security audit agency. The KLAYswap protocol is comprised of and operates through a variety of smart contracts.

Sustainability KLAYswap is not a copycat of Uniswap, neither is it a simple fork. We’ve developed KLAYswap from the ground to make it go much further than just offering liquidity mining as Uniswap does.

Scalability KLAYswap can deal with not only Klaytn-based tokens, but also with other network-based tokens by utilizing Orbit Chain's interoperability to meet the Klaytn Foundation's goal of addressing a wide range of real-life digital assets.