What Is Kandola Network? Blockchain inclusion for the next Billion: A Decentralised Data exchange Platform for Real-Time Messaging & General Purpose Transaction

Why Kandola Network? Low Cost ~$0.02 per GB over TTL 10x lower cost for structured data storage compared to traditional cloud databases.

High Scalability 1 Million TPS Dynamic Subnets, Compute & Storage Sharding, Parallel Chain Temporal Data Applications can decide and define how long they need to save the data. Pay only for that duration.

Ease of Use Easily deployable SDK, tool-kits, No-Code Emulators & composers ready for easy integration Real Time Messaging Real-time messaging with a throughput of ~1 million TPS. Enable real time chats, audio and video messaging.

High Availability Completely on-chain Full and Custody Nodes Erasure Coding Geo Location Aware

Proof of Real-time Transfer (PoRT) Deploy your devices and solutions on Kandola's real-time messaging platform. A highly scalable consensus protocol that guarantees the integrity & privacy of information exchanged