What is IOTA? IOTA is a distributed ledger technology, a DLT. With the right approach, DLTs let them control their own private data, run programs that nobody can meddle with, and trade and own assets without intermediaries.

IOTA runs on the Tangle, a structure where newer transactions verify the older ones, and pretty much any other DLT runs on a blockchain instead. To secure its state and history, a blockchain must collect transactions in blocks and chain the blocks one after another. 

Data Transfer IOTA offers the ability to transfer Data for free. The Data transfer is fast, immutable, unforgeable, and secure and is one of the core features of IOTA. This capability opens up a wide array of use cases that most other cryptocurrencies cannot serve in a way that IOTA does.

IOTA – not just another blockchain The IOTA protocol is a distributed ledger technology. As such, it offers everything blockchain technology offers and more.

Why when and your organization should use IOTA? The benefits of IOTA differ from company to company. In essence, it must be evaluated whether a trust mechanism can save money and time, or whether feeless value transactions can replace an existing payment model in a way that creates value.

Which use cases can be built with IOTA? IOTA can be used as the trust layer and underlying protocol. To verify data sources, documents, contracts, identities and official certificates, the IOTA protocol automatically provides the security and trust that would otherwise rely on third parties.