Introduction to Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) Blockchain The Internet Computer is a general-purpose blockchain that hosts canister smart contract.

Why build the Internet Computer? For end-users, accessing Internet Computer-based services is largely transparent, the experience of interacting with a decentralized application is the same as it is on a public or private cloud.

Key Concept 1. Smart Contracts & Dapps 2. Tokens 3. Network Nervous system

Internet Identity Internet Identity is a blockchain authentication system that enables you to sign in securely and pseudonymously to dapps on the Internet Computer. This makes logging into dapps easy and safe for consumers.

Key Capabilities 1. Web speed Smart contracts on ICP are fast and performant to allow developers to build anything. The design goal is that developers can build consumer-facing experiences that are as fast as they would expect from centralized servers.

2. Low cost Unlike most blockchains, the efficiency and costs of the Internet Computer approaches the traditional IT stack so its is economically feasible to host dapps with lots of data and content.

3. Low energy consumption The Internet Computer and its community are committed to sustainability. Sustainability is one of the core design goals of the IC, together with the goals of scalability, usability, storage, and security built into the IC by default.