What is Injective? Injective is the only blockchain where developers can find robust out-of-the-box modules such as a completely decentralized orderbook that can be utilized to build a diverse array of sophisticated applications. 

Why Build on Injective? 1. Optimized for decentralized finance 2. Interoperable 3. Build dApps Using CosmWasm 4. Launch Ethereum and IBC compatible token 5. Intuitive developer experience

Optimized for decentralized finance  Injective provides out-of-the-box financial primitives such as a fully decentralized order book to allow developers to create mainstream dApps.

Interoperable  Injective is natively interoperable across a number of sovereign blockchain networks while also being IBC-enabled. 

Build dApps Using CosmWasm  Injective supports CosmWasm, a novel smart contracting platform built for the Cosmos ecosystem.

Launch Ethereum and IBC compatible tokens Since Injective supports cross-chain transactions with Ethereum and all IBC-enabled chains, it means tokens launched on Injective can be exposed to multiple networks by default.

 Intuitive developer experience Utilize flexible and expressive development environments powered by Rust and Golang.