How to Identify Crypto Dust Attacks?

Monitor Your Transactions Constantly monitor your crypto transactions even the slight ones. Dust transactions consist of minuscule fractions of coins.

Check Transaction Details Investigate the details about incoming transactions like their origins and amounts.

Analyze Transaction Patterns Identify the trends of the transactions you get.

Evaluate Unusual Addresses Avoid making deals from the addresses, which are unfamiliar to you and sent few money to different e-wallets. 

Review Wallet Balances Check your wallet balances regularly.

Be Wary of Unsolicited Transactions Be careful with unsolicited cryptocurrency transactions, especially small transfers.

Use Blockchain Explorer Tools Use explorers to track transactions’ histories and find where comes money from. Inspect for signs of any possible dusting routines.

Employ Privacy Features Consider using cryptocurrency wallets with privacy features such as CoinJoin and confidential transactions.