What is GMX? Decentralized Perpetual Exchange Trade BTC, ETH, AVAX and other top cryptocurrencies with up to 50x leverage directly from your wallet

Reduce Liquidation Risk An aggregate of high-quality price feeds determine when liquidations occur. This keeps positions safe from temporary wicks.

Save on Cost Enter and exit positions with minimal spread and zero price impact. Get the optimal price without incurring additional costs.

Simple Swap Open positions through a simple swap interface. Conveniently swap from any supported asset into the position of your choice.

Available on your preferred network GMX is currently live on Arbitrum and Avalanche.

Two tokens create our ecosystem 1. GMX 2. GLP

GMX GMX is the utility and governance token. Accrues 30% of the platform's generated fees.

The CFX Token Conflux’s token economy is built around the $CFX token, a unit of value on the platform that enables token holders to pay transaction fees, earn rewards through staking, rent storage, and participate in network governance.