What is Funtoken? FUNToken is the one-stop gaming token that will facilitate all forms of gaming with a transparent, provably fair, and widely used mechanism for funding and integrating to disparate gaming opportunities.

FUNToken provides a decentralized, distributed, transparent platform protected by cryptography. The platform is anchored on the XFUN wallet and token, which bring secure, decentralized, and gas-free transactions to the user.

The XFUN Wallet facilitates fast and secure registration, KYC, and gas-free deposits and withdrawals, which are quick, on-chain, and easily traceable.

The Benefits of FUN Putting users in control of their identities and funds, the FUN/XFUN ecosystem provides a mechanism to move quickly and securely in and out of 3rd party dApps, using funds from the wallet when required while keeping funds not in use 100% under the control of the user. 

Fast Maximize your playing time with rapid wallet-to-wallet transactions.

Secure Ownership of FUNTokens is secured by non-custodial wallets and is anonymous.

Seamless FUN/XFUN are ERC20 tokens. The blockchain makes processes faster and easier.