What Is Frontier? Frontier is the One Web3 Wallet that includes Crypto, DeFi, NFTs, and more. It enables your safe crypto journey with security, fraud detection, and prevention mechanisms.

Fraud Prevention Web3 Frontier simulates every transaction before you do it and informs you of potential threats and scams, protecting your funds and vulnerable exposures.

Open Source & Audited The Frontier wallet is security-tested and audited by impartial security firms that industry leaders respect and trust. 

Native dApp Experience Swap, Bridge, Stake, and more in-built capabilities natively inside the Wallet, powered by verified and trusted dApps in the industry.  A better experience and confidence to transact in Web3.

Your keys, Your Crypto Frontier takes no custody of your key and protects it on your local devices/mobile: your freedom and why you chose Web3 over existing centralized solutions.