What is Forta Network? The Forta Network monitors on-chain activity in real-time, detecting threats, security-related events and other noteworthy activity. 

The network is made up of thousands of detection bots developed by a community of Web3 developers and security experts. Each bot acts like a little security camera monitoring something specific on-chain.

Wallet Web3 wallets can use the Scam Detector to screen pre-signed transactions and protect users from scams to screen dapps and pre-signed transactions, and protect users from scams.

Security & Compliance team Security and compliance teams can supplement their existing data with the Scam Detector, staying up to date on the latest threats.

DeFi Protocols & Bridge DeFi can develop and run custom detection bots on Forta to monitor protocols for security and operational health.

Investor Asset managers can subscribe to existing bots like the Attack Detector to receive real-time alerts for threats impacting their positions, and enabling capital preserving actions.