What Is Flow Blockchain? Flow is a fast, decentralized, and developer-friendly blockchain, designed as the foundation for a new generation of games, apps, and the digital assets that power them.

What Is FLOW? FLOW is the native currency of the Flow network. It is the exclusive token for staking, delegating, paying transaction fees, and paying storage fees. 

Four Pillars 1. Multi-role architecture 2. Resource-oriented programming 3. Developer ergonomic 4. Consumer onboarding

Multi-role architecture Flow’s design is unique, allowing the network to scale to serve billions of users without sharding or reducing decentralization of consensus.

 Resource-oriented programming Smart contracts on Flow are written in Cadence, an easier and safer programming language for crypto assets and apps.

Developer ergonomics From upgradeable smart contracts and built-in logging support to the Flow Emulator, this network is designed for results.

Consumer onboarding Flow was designed for mainstream consumers, with payment onramps catalyzing a safe and low-friction path from fiat to crypto.