What is FlatQube? FlatQube is a decentralized AMM exchange powered by the Everscale blockchain that combines all the best of popular DeFi applications in one platform.

FlatQube DEX, developed by Broxus, is a decentralized digital asset exchange providing users with a convenient means of exchanging their cryptocurrency. The DEX also provides users with plenty of passive income options through its farming and staking mechanisms.

How it works? FlatQube is an automated liquidity protocol inspired by the leading market solutions. It is based on a constant product formula and offers a non-custodial, decentralized, censorship-resistant and secure way to provide liquidity and exchange pairs of tokens.

Swaps without limits The fastest blockchain. Lots of assets. Negligible gas fees. Plug your wallet in and you are ready to go

Incredible earning opportunities Earn up to 88% in passive income by farming. You only need to take two simple steps, even your grandmother can do it!

Privacy and reliability 1. No registration and KYC 2. No frontrun 3.  No cookie