What is Fidenza? Fidenza is tyler Hobbs most versatile generative algorithm to date.  Although it is not overly complex, the core structures of the algorithm are highly flexible, allowing for enough variety to produce continuously surprising results.

Tyler Hobbs always considers this to be one of the most interesting ways to evaluate the quality of a generative algorithm, and certainly one that is unique to the medium.

Fidenza is being showcased on Art Blocks, the only site in existence that perfectly suits generative art and raises the bar for developing these kinds of high-quality generative art algorithms.

Varieties of Scales There are seven different “scales” that Fidenza can operate. These control the sizes of the potential shapes.  Most scales have a probabilistic mix of small, medium, and large elements. 

Those are: – Small - Very Rare – Medium - Rare – Large - Second most common – Jumbo - The most common, with nice big chunky shape – Jumbo XL - Rare, huge shapes only