What is Ergo? Ergo is a next-generation smart contract platform that ensures the economic freedom of ordinary people through secure, accessible, and decentralized financial tools.

RESEARCH-LED AND REAL-WORLD FOCUSED Ergo draws on ten years of blockchain development, complementing tried and tested principles with the best peer-reviewed academic research into cryptography, consensus models and digital currencies. 

POWERFUL AND SAFE Ergo provides superior support for real-world financial agreements. Ergo can support versatile dApps that run predictably, with known costs, and don’t have any of the dangers of unrestricted functionality.

INTELLIGENT AND STRAIGHTFORWARD Sigma Protocols (Σ-Protocols) are the foundation of Ergo’s smart contracts. They allow for a class of efficient zero-knowledge protocols that enable us to implement sophisticated tasks that would otherwise be impossible, risky, or expensive.

SECURE AND ACCESSIBLE Ordinary users who do not run a full node should enjoy the same security benefits as miners. Non-Interactive Proofs of Proof-of-Work (NIPOPOWS) allow us to make and verify transactions with complete confidence