LICENSED AND TRANSPARENT APPROACH TO CRYPTO ASSETS Encryptus makes Cryptos < > Fiat conversion simple and compliant.

SERVING DIVERSIFIED INSTITUTIONS No matter which industry our clients are from, they can either use our services on our website or they can duplicate our ecosystem in their business.

LICENSED AND COMPLIANT Encryptus takes compliance very seriously and therefore we are integrated with Industry leaders for Coin Monitoring, KYC Checks and wallet custody solutions.

SIMPLIFIED AND AUTOMATED Encryptus has truly automated important areas like Client Onboarding, Bank Wires, Wallets Whitelisting and many other areas , by adopting the Best technology & Common Sense.

POWERHOUSE FOR INSTITUTIONAL LARGE ORDERS Encryptus is seamlessly connected with the large traders and supported by LBank Exchange for Liquidity. they are well funded and use our funds at banks and LPs to execute the large order both on the buy and sell.

STEPPING UP API’S Enabling large crypto and non-crypto companies to launch their own desk . Clients will be able to connect to our APIs soon to offer compliant and transparent trading services to their customers.