What is Dynex? Dynex is the world’s first neuromorphic supercomputing blockchain based on the DynexSolve chip algorithm, a Proof-of-Useful-Work (PoUW) approach to solving real-world problems.

With Dynex, PoUW miners participate on a decentralized network that is capable of performing tasks at unprecedented speed and efficiency – even exceeding quantum computing in some cases.

267,565,826 DYNEX CHIPS RUNNING Dynex Solve chip, the PoUW algorithm is running to solve real world computing problems.

623,188 GPUS BEING UTILIZED Dynex miners currently provide 18% of all GPU power, making Dynex the largest mined project.

Stats 1. HASH RATE - 2,236,370 KH 2. BLOCK HEIGHT - 292,729 3. NEXT REWARD - 138 DNX 4. TRANSACTIONS - 664,662 5. CIRCULATION - 73,918M DNX 6. TOTAL SUPPLY - 100M DNX

MACHINE LEARNING & OPTIMIZATION Quantum computing algorithms for machine learning harness the power of quantum mechanics to enhance various aspects of machine learning tasks.