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Mission They loathe the phrase: "That's impossible". We help you identify unorthodox business solutions that make use of new technologies.

Blockchain solution 1. Decentralized data storage. 2. Data marketplace. 3. Authenticity certificate. 4. Digital tokens exchangeable for physical good.

Decentralized data storage 1. Immutable and verifiable. 2. Stronger privacy thanks to encryption. 3. Cheaper to operate than classic data storage facilities.

Data marketplace 1. Lower the risk of data abuse and leaks by doing away with intermediaries. 2. Easy monetization of data and lightning-fast settlement of transactions. 3. Keep control and ownership of the data.

Authenticity certificate 1. Sales of counterfeits are effectively ruled out. 2. Double sales are effectively ruled out. 3. Issuer/producer earns proceeds from secondary sales.

Digital tokens exchangeable for physical good 1. Primary and secondary sales of goods become easier and cheaper. 2. Access to the global market. 3. Access to new customer-related data.