What is Dfyn? Dfyn is the world’s first on-chain limit order DEX. It combines the power of an RFQ matching engine with a concentrated liquidity AMM. Orders are directed to the most-efficient path by utilizing smart order routing

MISSION Dfyn is on a mission to establishing an ecosystem comprising a trustless decentralized exchange (DEX) coupled with an ultra-fast automated market maker (AMM).

VISION To achieve an inclusive DeFi ecosystem empowered by a fairer, cheaper and more accessible multi-chain AMM.

Their USP ‘re-dfyn’ ing trading for web3.0 Advanced AMM Dfyn AMM is designed in a very capital-efficient manner, catering to both expert traders and retail users - no matter the size of the trade, Dfyn fulfills it at competitive prices with minimal slippage.

On-chain Limit order Dfyn is introducing a first-of-its-kind decentralized limit order engine. No more centralized limit orders. This leads to a few risks like Centralization and Manipulation of Orders.

Dfyn Signal A multi-chain compatible smart trade finding engine capable of finding the best trade for the user by comparing different token paths & different protocols like Dfyn v1, v2, hRFQ & other external Dexes with minimal slippage.