What is Dexe? Dexe protocol Is Your Gateway to Next-Gen Governance: An Innovative Infrastructure for Crafting and Steering Daos, Empowered by the Strength of a Decentralized Community.

Build high-level web3 product on different chains with the DeXe protocol

DAO Contract Build multifunctional DAOs with existing or created governance token or an nft from a collection. Consuls Contract Create meritocratic voting models with custom logic and math.

Governance Contract Configure voting weight, count the votes, distribute rewards, and more. Delegation Contract Build models where delegating to experts rewards both the delegate and the token holder.

Treasury Contract Stake, store, and manage various crypto assets used for onchain governance. Launchpad Contract Create a sale of any token from the treasury; set up whitelist, lockups, cliffs, and all vesting.