What is Dego Finance? DEGO Finance stands as a pioneering incubator in the realm of Web3 innovations. Dego Finance is actively nurturing a diverse array of projects across the BTC ecosystem, including Depin, Desci, and GameFi.

Dego Finance Platforms includes: Delta: BRC20 Launchpad Defusion: NFT AIGC (Generative AI):

NFT Foundry: Mint NFTs with unique attributes and rarity grades by depositing DEGO, ERC-20, or BEP-20 tokens. Dego Finance's NFTs are backed by the token deposits during the minting process and can be decomposed to release the deposited tokens.

NFT Mining: Stake NFTs and mine rewards. Auctions: NFT auctions conducted in the form of FOMO3D auctions. ScanDrop: A decentralized app (dApp) enabling users to participate in NFT airdrops by scanning QR codes.

$DEGO DEGO is the utility token of the Dego platform and has the following use cases: Governance: DEGO token holders will vote on platform parameters to regulate the project’s economics and developments.

Incentives: DEGO tokens serve as a means to incentivize user participation in various activities, including bounty hunting, referrals, and upcoming programs. NFT Suite: DEGO tokens are an essential component for various operations within the NFT Suite, encompassing NFT minting, staking, auction participation, trading, and more.