What Is Deepcoin? Deepcoin is the most innovative crypto asset exchange in the world. They adhere to the business philosophy of providing users with in-depth innovation and long-term value orientation. 

Founded Deepcoin was founded by senior practitioners in the blockchain industry and former executives of world-renowned internet companies and financial institutions in November 2018. 

Unique Trading Experience K-line Quick Trading The whole solution of on the K-line order placing, providing a comprehensive experience of one-stop order, entrustment management and position management on the K-line page, making the transaction more intuitive and fast.

Split & Merge Position The most flexible and powerful position mode, which not only supports the full position/isolated position, merge position/split position and two-way/one-way position mode.

Strategic TP/SL Deepcoin provides the a comprehensive take-profit and stop-loss function, allowing you to set this at the time of order. It supports whole or segmented position TP/SL operations. 

Super Spot Exclusively launched a new Spot Assets function, allowing you more visibility into your direct crypto purchases and the P&L generated from sales. We now offer a contract-like trading experience with the TP/SL function in Spot!

First-Class Market Depth With high user traffic and an effective market maker incentive system, Deepcoin has worked hard to create remarkable market depth on a global scale.

Ultra Fast Matching Engine Independently developed CPU multi-core ultra-high cache computing, binary communication protocol optimization and high-performance memory level database that’s created a new generation of matching engines, matching trades up to 150,000 strokes/second.

Excellent System Performance Deepcoin has a scalable and adaptive operation and maintenance architecture. With its intelligent network transmission optimization, core operations can be completed within a 10th of a second, and there is no lag or downtime in the market.

Strong Security System Deepcoin offer a 3-tiered wallet system to keep your assets safe 24/7. The cold wallet adopts threshold signature and other encryption technologies to build a layered security strategy.