What is DeSo? Decentralized Social or DeSo is the only blockchain that can power storage-heavy application Social applications generate a lot of data, and existing blockchains are not equipped to store & index that data.

DeSo unlocks the next frontier for blockchain infrastructure DeSo was built from the ground up to scale one of the biggest untapped markets for blockchain: Social Media

100% open-source & 100% on-chain permissionless data 100% of all code & data are completely open. All posts and social graphs on DeSo are stored directly on-chain

DeSo is the only blockchain that can power storage-heavy (infinite-state) applications by combining financial primitives with cheap content storage.

Censorship-Resistant Content is stored on the DeSo blockchain, so you can own your content like you own your Bitcoin. Decentralized Identity Your profile, followers, content and social graph carry over across hundreds of apps throughout the DeSo ecosystem.

Own Your Content Your content is controlled with your public/private keys, and you can use end-to-end encryption to prevent any middle-man from seeing it.

Monetize From Day One Start earning with new primitives like NFTs, DAOs, Crypto Tips, Social Tokens, and so much more.