What is CryptoSmartlife? CryptoSmartlife is the best app to buy cryptocurrency, helps you invest in theme-based risk-adjusted Smart Crypto Baskets such as Metaverse, Web 3.

The crypto investment basket allocations are categorized into low, medium, and high-risk levels based on volatility and returns. Baskets are periodically auto- rebalanced to match market dynamics based on user preferences. You can also choose to set up Recurring Investment plans to automate periodic investments in baskets.

Is CryptoSmartlife Trustworthy ? CryptoSmartlife is built with trust and security as a priority. Crypto Smarlife is a key member of Blockchain Assets and Crypto Council of India.

Data-Driven Investment Approach in Crypto Start your Thematic Basket Cryptocurrency Investment as low as $10 Invest in Thematic Baskets based on Risk Appetite Diversify your portfolio by investing in popular cryptocurrency themes such as Metaverse, NFT, DeFi, and many more based on your risk appetite: Low, Medium, or high

Auto Rebalance your Portfolio based on Market Conditions  Optimize your returns by staying in line with the dynamic market conditions using AI powered auto rebalancing feature - Monthly or Quarterly

Beat Volatility with our Recurring Investment Plan Beat the hassle of timing the market and build a diversified thematic basket portfolio over the time by choosing recurring investment plan and dollar cost average your investment.