What is Covalent? Covalent is a blockchain data for the new economy A single, unified API for fast, scalable historical blockchain data across 150+ chains.

The User-Friendly Blockchain API Facing fragmented data and intricate schemas can make Web3 development daunting. Overcome these challenges with the Covalent Unified API. With structured schemas and data, and the flexibility to switch chains with a single parameter, building becomes a breeze in any ecosystem.

From Speed to Scale Don’t let slow response times hinder your user experience. Superior speeds, scalable APIs, and advanced rendering pipelines allows you focus on your application and user experience.

Standardized Human-Readable Transaction Understanding transaction data shouldn’t be hard. Covalent has broken this barrier, being the first to semantically decode and classify complex events. Now, you can easily read and comprehend transaction data, saving time and reducing complexity.

Stats 100B+ Rich Transactions since Genesi 60K+ Developer 1B+ NFT Media Cached 1 Unified Schema