What is Core? Core DAO started as a community looking for better solutions, and that’s who we remain. With principles grounded in the premises of both Bitcoin and Ethereum, our power comes from the ability to pull from and embrace multiple ideas and communities.

Core`s long term vision is to be fully decentralized and community led. Achieving this means bootstrapping individuals, projects and teams who want to make significant contributions toward building out the ecosystem.

Stats 53M+ Transactions On-Chain 2M Twitter Follower 250k Discord Member 5M Active Wallet

Community Core is embracing the fundamentals of blockchain and building for a decentralized economy, starting with the communities most in need.

The Core Network Total CORE Delegated 90,028,116 CORE Validators 21/27 Total Hash Delegated 50

Bitcoin block Delegated Hash Rate / Bitcoin Total Hash Rate 152 EH/s / 416 EH/s