What is CoinW? CoinW has become the world's leading comprehensive crypto asset trading platform, providing a one-stop digital asset service portal for 220 million crypto currency users around the world.

Principles Since its establishment, CoinW has been adhering to the principle of "empowering blockchain technology and financial transformation" and "helping users to increase wealth", constantly optimizing its product line, making innovations and breakthroughs, and leading new trends in the crypto asset industry.

Mission CoinW commits to the mission of realizing global financial freedom and inclusiveness, leading the new trend of the crypto asset industry, and promoting blockchain technology and crypto assets to link the world and the future.

One-stop crypto assets service gateway The world's new first-tier exchange Innovative product ecology, globalized operation and aggregated traffic.

Legit and regulated Global compliance and regulation, embracing supervision, holding multinational financial supervision licenses.

Global footprint to Realize Inclusive Finance Five years development in various jurisdictions, covered 200 countries and regions, 8 million users, commitment of the mission of achieving global financial freedom and inclusiveness.