What Is CoinTR? is an integrated international Cryptocurrency platform founded in 2022. Powerful founders of traditional Turkish financial institutions and experienced team members from top crypto exchanges in London & Istanbul, Turkey make us more competitive and trustworthy.

CoinTR designed and developed the 3rd generation trading system, focusing on providing users with the most secure and stable trading experience.

In addition to providing diverse trading tools, CoinTR offers real-time observation data tools that allow users to get trading information one step faster. User funds are protected by an official bank custodian and supervision.

Competitive advantage Cutting-edge trading system Leading 3rd generation trading system with 99.99% SLA, extremely low latency, and high throughput resulted in 5x concurrency.

Authoritative Capital Supervision Official Fiat deposit channels through VakifBank. Professional Financial Management International professional financial management criterion SOX 404, GAAP, and ISO27000.

Competitive Trading Price International leading liquidity ensures the minimum price slippage.

Diverse Trading Tool Maximize your revenues with a wide range of tools for fiat trade, spot trade, futures trade, high APY financial products, etc.