What is Coincrowd? At Coincrowd, they know that investing in crypto can be a challenging and complex endeavor. As a company, they understand the difficulties of maintaining profitability in the volatile world of crypto and the discipline required to succeed in this space. 

Coincrowd built the platform to provide you with an easy to use and powerful social investing platform that solves these issues.

Story They began with a group of like-minded individuals who were passionate about crypto and blockchain. 

They recognized the need for a platform that could help investors navigate this complex world and empower their decision making through a combination of data, intelligence and powerful analytics tools.

Features Investor Profiling: Learn about your risk profile, investment goals, and objectives through a simple questionnaire. Portfolio Builder: Reduce your risk by allocating and diversifying your crypto portfolio like a pro.

Portfolio Tracker: Connect your exchanges and wallets to import your holdings hassle free, or enter them manually. Dashboard: Benchmark your performance, rebalance your portfolio and keep track of your goals and objectives.