What is Chromie Squiggles? Chromie Squiggles was ArtBlocks' genesis project and presented free to mint with token #0 being minted on November 27th at 11:13 am. With it, the Art Blocks brand had its logo.

Inception Chromie Squiggles were created by Erick Calderon (Snowfro), who, aside from seeming like a really good guy and a very chill dude is the founder of, the unquestioned king in the generative art space of NFTs.

Why Squiggles? Chromie Squiggles exist entirely on the blockchain. They aren't a pointer to a file on IPFS. It's an actual script built into the smart contract that executes the moment the mint transaction goes through. 

The script takes a seed input, in the form of a hash string...which is a long hexadecimal string or "hash string" generated on the blockchain in a pseudo-random manner when the token is minted.

A Squiggle on its own, in a vacuum, without the historical significance, is debatable as art. It would have a tough time standing up to a Rembrandt. As a collection though, let's not simply dismiss the Squiggles as a first mover in the generative art space