What is Cheerio? Users can utilize cheerio to increase your repeat sales by upto 56% and convert 34% more non-paying prospective customers. 


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Also, with Cheerio you can send messages across email, sms and whatsapp, no need to integrate separately with multiple tools for the same. Optimise your campaign cost by sending emails and sms first(cheaper channels ) and then send whatsapp saving upto 70% on whatsapp marketing costs.

How does cheerio work? Once you have uploaded you customer contact on your Cheerio dashboard you can start sending them email, SMS and WhatsApp through our pre-built industry tested templates that are designed to drive maximum conversion.

Is customer data safe at cheerio? Yes, your customer data can only be seen by you and not even Cheerio can access your data. It's stored in an encrypted fashion within our DB and the key is only available via your dashboard.

Do I need to register with DLT to use SMS? It’s recommended that you complete DLT registration for your business but even if you haven’t you can still use Cheerio’s SMS handle to send out messages for the first 10 days.

Can I get refunds once I have paid? Yes, they provide refund minus GST paid and credits utilized to you upto 15 days from payment.