What is Celsius? Celsius brings the transparency of decentralized finance to a centralized company.

Stats 5,100 BTC Paid to community as of March 18th, 2022 83,332 ETH Paid to community as of June 8th, 2022 $50M in funds recovered

High-net-worth individual Celsius provides the most simple solution and dedicated account coverage for high-net-worth individuals looking to access crypto for diversification and generating high-yield earnings on accounts such as a retirement or trust fund.

Private wealth manager They partner with family offices and financial advisors to offer dedicated account coverage on crypto allocation. Their all-in-one solution makes it easy for wealth managers to introduce, lend and borrow crypto for multiple clients.

Corporation Celsius offers a simple crypto treasury solution with dedicated account coverage for public and private corporations of all sizes. We provide the opportunity to maximize balance sheets with non-traditional assets and the ability to access flexible liquidity on-demand for any business needs.

Fund manager Celsius is a lending partner of choice for institutional investors sourcing liquidity for alternative assets. We offer competitive lending options and flexible loan term agreements fit for specific working capital needs.