What is Braintrust? Braintrust connects the world’s leading Talent with high paying jobs, charging them no fees while also offering opportunities for career advancement and ownership of the network they make a living on. 

Braintrust is the first decentralized, user-controlled Talent network — and it’s through the $BTRST token that the network is able to programmatically distribute shared ownership and governance to all the people who make a living on it.

Benefits Braintrust user-owned community believes that knowledge workers should be able to experience the freedom of freelance without giving up the security of more traditional full-time work arrangements.

At Braintrust, you don’t have to wonder if you are charging the right rate for your services. We publish live market rates on the public network dashboard

Pay less, get more Braintrust's fees are 15%. This is 80% less than traditional staffing agencies for contractors and 40% for direct placements.

Hire only the best Braintrust approve and curate top-tier talent–so that you can spend less time vetting and more time innovating.