What is Bitrue? Bitrue was established by a group of blockchain enthusiasts with a goal of providing complete financial services for the currencies of the future.

They are dedicated to providing safe, convenient, and diversified services to meet all crypto needs, including trading, investing, purchasing, staking, borrowing, and more.

One-stop trading platform Bitrue uses blockchain and new technologies to give you fair access to financial service. Spot The Bitrue exchange is fast, safe, and secure, allowing you to conduct transactions of digital currencies at any time with peace of mind.

Future Multiple perpetual futures margined in USDT, USDC and digital currencies. Leveraged ETF Leverage trading with close to 0 risk of liquidation.

Buy Crypto Buy and sell a wide range of cryptocurrencies quickly & easily. Rewards Center Complete beginner's tasks to get up to 1000 USDT

What is BTR? Bitrue Coin BTR is our native platform token. Come learn more about our coin & the benefits it gives you.

Earn Invest & get some of the highest interest rates in the industry. Supports BTC, ETH, XRP, ADA, VET, DOGE, BTR & more.

Vote Use your BTR to vote for coins to join Bitrue.