What Is Bitfinex? Bitfinex is one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges, founded in 2012 to deliver the finest trading experience for retail, professional and institutional customers.

Their Culture Bitfinex was born at the birth of the Bitcoin revolution and we believe that peer-to-peer networks and cryptography form the basis of a freer, more open society and represent the most durable and combat-proven technologies available.

Focus Their focus has always been on providing the best standards of security, high throughput, safe and low latency environment so that traders can access our highly liquid markets. 

Team Their team is made up of visionary developers who combine imagination with practical expertise to craft solutions to market’s toughest challenges.

Vision Thier vision is to be the leading global advocate of freedom by accelerating a transition to a more open and fair world.

Mission Inspired by the Bitcoin ethos, they are devoted to building state-of-the-art technology that enables people to transact and interact freely and effortlessly around the world.