What is BeamSwap? Beamswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) with an automated market maker (AMM), providing liquidity and peer-to-peer transactions, built on the Moonbeam network.

What can you do on BeamSwap? On Beasmwap v3, you can perform instant peer-to-peer transactions and earn rewards for supplying liquidity and asset staking.

Beamswap further supports the growth of the Moonbeam ecosystem by acting as a launchpad for new projects on the network. Following the multichain vision of Polkadot, Beasmwap v3 works alongside ecosystem partners with advanced infrastructure solutions to deliver a supreme and cross-chain DeFi experience.

Key Products and Features Beamswap products and features are curated with beginners and experienced users in mind. Our goal is to support you in all your DeFi pursuits and provide you with a complete suite of tools on a unified platform.

Token Swap Asset swap is the main feature of Beamswap DEX. It allows you to trade crypto assets on the Moonbeam Network in a trustless, fast, low-fee, peer-to-peer way.

Liquidity Provision As a Liquidity Provider, you can earn 0.17% of swapping fees from the pairs where you provided liquidity. More rewards (in $GLINT) can be earned when you stake asset pairs in Yield Farm pools.

Yield Farm The Liquidity Farm is the place to stake your BEAM-LP (Beamswap Liquidity Pair tokens) to earn GLINT. These farms provide incentives to people providing liquidity to Beamswap and help offset Impermanent Loss risk.

Bridge Integrated Bridge brings cryptocurrencies from other EVM chains to Moonbeam-based Beamswap and vice versa. Beamswap Launchpad Beamswap Launchpad serves as a launch platform for new projects built on the Moonbeam Network that seek community support and initial funding.