What Is BakerySwap? BakerySwap, an AMM Dex on Binance Smart Chain, taking full advantage of the Binance community by providing arbitrage opportunities amongst BEP2 and BEP20 tokens that are hosted on or on the Binance DEX.

How does BakerySwap work? BakerySwap is the next iteration of the by now infamous Uniswap. It’s like Uniswap, but faster, cheaper.

BakerySwap has 2 types of liquidity pools: 1. With BAKE rewards. 2. Without BAKE rewards.

How will BAKE release and distribute? BAKE tokens will be gradually released to liquidity pools according to their respective reward multiplier (e.g. 1x , 3x , etc).

Early farmers (or as we like to think of them, early “bakers”) will be greatly rewarded in terms of the initial “BAKE per block” release.

BakerySwap in a nutshell: – No pre-sale and no pre-mine. Fair distribution of all BAKE token – The BakerySwap team will only receive 1% of all BAKE farmed (i.e. the Bakery team gets 1 BAKE token for every 100 BAKE farmed).

– Maximum rewards for BAKE stakers. The BAKE-BNB pool will earn 10x rewards compared to other pools. – The first Binance Smart Chain AMM to offer alt-coin liquidity pools (LPs) such as LINK, DOT, etc.