What Is Avalanche? Avalanche is an open-source platform for building decentralized applications in one interoperable, decentralized, and highly scalable ecosystem. 

Why Choose Avalanche? 1.Blazingly Fast 2. Built to Scale 3. Advanced Security

CREATE WITHOUT LIMITS Build anything you want, any way you want on the lightning fast, scalable blockchain that won’t let you down. Choosing the wrong blockchain can kill your dApp before it ever has a chance to succeed, but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

BUILD IT YOUR WAY Avalanche has the advanced tooling you need to accelerate from idea to launch. Take advantage of the low-code tooling and configurability that makes it easy to launch your Web3 innovation in less than 60 seconds.

THE BLOCKCHAIN BUILT TO SCALE Subnets set a new bar for scalability, without sacrificing speed, reliability, and security.

JOIN WEB3's MOST VIBRANT COMMUNITY Find the answers, connections, and info you need to accelerate your Web3 aspirations.

SOMETIMES RED‍ IS ALSO GREEN. Technology that isn’t sustainable has no claim on the future. When it comes to the energy required to run, no other blockchain comes close. According to the Crypto Carbon Ratings Institute.