What is Autoglyphs? Autoglyphs are the first “on-chain” generative art on the Ethereum blockchain. They are a completely self-contained mechanism for the creation and ownership of an artwork.

Autoglyphs are an experiment in generative art, each one unique and created by code running on the Ethereum blockchain.

Inception The glyphs were originally created in 2019 by anyone who was willing to donate the creation fee of 0.2Ξ (around $35 at the time) to our chosen charity, The creator of each glyph became the first owner of that glyph.

Technical Aspect The Autoglyphs are a highly optimized generative algorithm capable of creating billions of unique artworks, wrapped inside an ERC-721 interface. While ERC-721 is the standard for “non-fungible tokens”, it is generally used to manage ownership of digital items stored elsewhere.

Key Difference The key difference with the Autoglyphs is that the art is inside the contract itself, it is literally “art on the blockchain.”