What is Arweave? Arweave is the first protocol that enables permanent data storage. Its design allows anyone to preserve data forever with just a single, one-time fee.

Arweave empowers you to unleash your creativity and launch fully decentralized applications on the permaweb with ease. Our comprehensive ecosystem of tools and services are robust, composable, and ready to be molded to fit your vision.

PERMAWEB The permaweb is a permanent and decentralized web built on top of the Arweave. The permaweb is comprised of a set of modular and interchangeable protocols.

The permaweb provides the full stack required to build these applications: 1. Arweave 2. Gateways 3. GraphQL 4. SmartWeave

Profit Sharing Communities Profit sharing communities (PSCs) are a decentralized governance structure that you can easily deploy in your permaweb apps, causing the app’s proceeds to be distributed to stakeholders in real time.

SmartWeave  A simple, smart contracting system allowing you to build incentive design elements (‘programmable money’) into your applications.