What is Arkham? Arkham is an intelligence platform that provides information on the real-world entities and individuals behind crypto market activity.

Capabilities – See the entities & individuals behind pseudonymous crypto wallet addresses. – See what top traders/investors are doing in real time & using historical data.

– Predict future market movements by using on-chain data to track the flow of funds. – Track your portfolio and historical performances. – Conduct due diligences. – Conduct research on & observe illicit fund flows - on-chain sleuthing.

– Inform your research & reporting using real-time on-chain data & analytic

Features – Entity Page:  See a complete view of the activities of any entity or address. You can view their portfolio, historical balances, exchange usage, P&L, and top counterparties, as well as a list of transactions which can be sorted and filtered.

Visualizer: Translate raw, blockchain transactions into clear network maps. Dashboards: Build & share unique dashboards of these entities and addresses. Filtering: You can filter and sort transactions across the platform to only see what you want to see. You can filter and sort by: time, counterparty, token, token amount, & USD Value.