What is Alchemy Pay? Alchemy Pay (ACH) is a payment solutions provider that seamlessly connects fiat and crypto economies for global consumers, merchants, developers, and institutions.

Peerless global coverage Alchemy Pay supports fiat-crypto purchases from 173 countries, using methods such as Visa, Mastercard, regional mobile wallets, and domestic transfers. 

Comprehensive coverage in Europe, Northern & Latin America, and Southeast Asia, with a focus on access to emerging markets.

Stats 170+ Supported countries 50+ Fiat currencies 300+ Fiat payment channels ALL Cryptocurrencies supported

NFT Checkout Alchemy Pay NFT Checkout service enables customers to easily purchase NFTs directly via our global network of payment options.

Mission Alchemy pay is on a mission to provide mainstream-friendly payment solutions that promote the global adoption of cryptocurrency by connecting fiat and crypto economies.