Top 7  Characteristics of NFT

Rarity and Scarcity NFTs is primarily influenced by supply and demand dynamics. NFT collections are frequently scarce and have a finite supply.

Indivisible NFTs are distinguished by their uniqueness and indivisible nature.

Immutable Once an NFT is created on the blockchain, its data or properties cannot be altered, destroyed, or duplicated.

Verifiable NFTs provide a verifiable trail of ownership, NFT creators can more efficiently safeguard their intellectual property or copyright infringement.

Direct Monetization for Creators NFTs provide a foundation for creators to sell their digital content directly to buyers and collectors.

Royalties via Smart Contracts When an NFT is sold, a smart contract automatically distributes a percentage of the sale price to the creator as a royalty.

Communities Apart from holding one-of-a-kind digital content, NFTs can represent a ticket to exclusive online communities.