How do you get your crypto token listed on an exchange?

Research for suitable crypto exchanges With so many exchanges available, choosing the suitable exchange for your token can take time and effort.

Timeline and budget Some exchanges can get your token listed quickly, while some have longer processes taking up more time.

Avoiding scams and fraud Examining volume, online reputation, and website traffic of an exchange are a few ways to reduce the risk of frauds.

Proof of reserves Whether your chosen exchange has disclosed its proof of reserves is another crucial factor in light of recent crypto market developments.

Completing and submitting the paperwork This stage comprises gathering all the data needed to complete the submission procedure and reviewing every criterion specified on each target exchange.

Awaiting the review on application Centralized exchanges, on average, can take 2-3 months for review. For some top-tier exchanges, it might take even longer.

Introductions and linkages are significant in keeping the ball moving. If you and your team are well-connected, your chances of success will be much higher