Advantages of Account Abstraction

Account Recovery Every self-custodian wallet or EOA provides users with a seed phrase containing their account’s private key.

Sponsored Transaction It opens the opportunity to increase product adoption by implementing facets such as removing transaction fees for new users.

Risk-Free Gaming Session Web3 gamers can link their wallet directly to the game, limit the number of transactions, and set limits for the total removable amount.

Gasless Transaction These types of transactions are referred to as Meta-transactions. Meta transactions allow the receiver to pay for the gas instead of the sender.

Multisig wallet These wallets require the signature of two or more parties before a transaction can be completed.

Batch Transaction A smart contract wallet allows users to batch or bundle send a token or coin in the same transaction

Transaction Limits The new Ethereum standard will allow wallets to be configured such that users can set a transaction limit in their account.